IX International Biennial of Art, SIART-BOLIVIA 2016.

La Paz Metropolitan Cathedral.

"Ljuwa", audiovisual installation with music for 2 female voices

and 9 instruments.

General Curatorship.

Joaquín Sánchez, Curator.





Parque Cultural de Valparaíso, Chile.



Gabriela Mistral Center, GAM. Santiago, Chile.

"Moebius", a Chamber Opera about inmigration.

Libretto: Manuel Contreras Vázquez.

Nancy Gómez, Cecilia Barrientos, Camila García, sopranos.

Régie: Sidhartha Corvalán.

FOJI Ensemble.

Conductor: Gonzalo Venegas

Stage design: Laura Bisotti.



Spanish Culture Center. Guatemala City.



Spanish Culture Center. Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic.


"Cantos de Itinerancia" (Songs of Itinerancy).

Video creation with music for 3 female voices.

With the support of AECID Agency of Spanish Government.




Contemporary Music Festival.

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Gabriela Mistral Center, GAM.

Santiago, Chile.


"Moebius", chamber Opera.

Extracts for a cappella voice.

Nancy Gómez, Cecilia Barrientos, Camila García, sopranos.

Felipe Hidalgo Cavieres, conductor.



EMMA Studio. Valparaíso.


Work in progress.

New CD release

by F(r)actura Ensemble.


"Kenajanayowá", for two percussionist.




Cervantes Insitute. Milan.


11 / 2016

Cervantes Institutes. New York, Berlin.


"Cantos de Itinerancia" (Songs of Itinerancy).

With the support of AECID Agency of Spanish Cooperation.

Video creation with music for 3 female voices.

Instrumental productions.




01/25/2018. 24:00 hrs.

Beethoven Radio.

"Siglo XXI Program"


Monographic CD release



Chamber and orchestral works between 2008 and 2016..


With José Oplustil.




Works published by

Babel Scores, Paris.



11/27/2017. 20:00 hrs.

Croma Trio.

Cecilia Barrientos, Diego Castro, Paola Muñoz,


New CD release

"Matters of fact".


"Les Autres Promenades"

for Paetzold Flute, Guitar and Soprano.


Sala SCD Bellavista, Santiago.




Spanish Society of Authors and Editors of Spain, SGAE


Grant for premiered works: Chamber Opera "Moebius".


Edizioni Sconfinarte, Italy


New score published.

"Warutiñtan (Bordeando hacia el Sur)", (2014), for chamber orchestra.


Universität der Künste Berlin.



Musikhochschule Franz Liszt Weimar.

“Dazwischen” project.

Teaching, concerts and round tables.

"Lijuwa", for chamber orchestra.

Música Iberoamericana e.V.

Ensamble Iberoamericano.

Dir. Joan Pagés.


"Les Autres Promenades", for Paetzold flute, guitar and voice (2013),

is part of the new website "Chilean Contemporary Music for Reocrder".


By Paola Muñoz and National Councill

for Arts and Culture of Chile.



Spanish Culture Center.

Santiago, Chile.

Avant Premiére of Chamber Opera "Moebius".

First stge of "Cantos de Itinerancia" project.

Nancy Gómez, Cecilia Barrientos, Camila García, Sopranos.

Felipe Hidalgo, conductor.




Xth. Luis Advis Composition Competition 2014. First Prize.

Final Round Concert. Palace Center, Coquimbo, Chile.

"Warutiñtan", for chamber orchestra.

La Serena Symphony Orchestra Francisco Núñez, dir.


International meeting of Composers.

Santiago, Chile.


Round Table. "Contemporary Opera".

With Marcos Franciosi, Aurélien Dumont, Manos Tsangaris, Mauricio Carrasco and Mauricio Barría





Spanish Culture Center.

La Paz, Bolivia.

Spanish Agency of Cooperation. Ibermúsicas Program.

Cinenomada Foundation.

Lecturer in Conference.

"Field study. A journey thorugh the Collao Plateau"





Parque Cultural de Valparaíso, Chile

EMMA Studio.

Lecturer in Conference:

"Two Hearing Angles for New Latin American Music".

With Renzo Filinich.

07/10/2016 - 07/30/2016.

Cities of La Paz, Oruro, Uyuni and Coipasa.


Composer in residence. Bolivia.

American States Organization - Ibermúsicas program.


03/01/2016 - 04/30/2016.

Saari Residence. Hietamaäki, Finland.

Composer in residence.

Kone Foundation, Helsinki.


SGAE Foundation, Spain.


Grant for the support to music creation in 2014.



Work in progress.


Monographic CD & DVD.

Fund of Develop of National Music. Chilean Government.


SGAE Foundation, Spain.


Grant for International Promotion of Contemporary Music 2015.



Municipal Theatre, La Serena, Chile.

"MUSICAHORA" Festival.



"Palace" Center, Coquimbo, Chile.


"Warutiñtan", 2014.

La Serena Symphony Orchestra.

Pablo Carrasco, dir.