Manuel Contreras Vázquez


Preliminary manuscript

Paris, 2012



"La Furia del ermitaño", chamber opera.

Work in progress. Commissioned by

Encuentro Internacional de Compositores &

Ensamble Taller de Música Contemporánea.

Ernst von Siemens Foundation

Composition Commissions program, 2020.


"Dduwewé", synesthetic invasion.

For Helder & Paetzoild recorder with

scenography/ installation.

Premiered in Huddersfield, UK, Jan 2020.


"Aswalaq, Zoos Humanos", Voice Theatre.

For 8 female voices.

Premiered in Valparaíso, Chile, Dec 2018.

Pulsar Prize 2020 of Chilean

Classical/ concert Music.


"Moebius", chamber Opera.

For 3 sopranos and ensamble of 12 instruments.

Premiered in Valparaíso, Chile, Aug 2016.


"Ljuwa Wirhna Wirsú", Short music theatre scene.

For 2 female voices and ensemble of 9 instruments.



"Shunya (Autopoiesis)", for orchestra.


"Ouroboros", for string orchestra.


"Warutiñtan", for chamber orchestra. 

Premiered at La Serena, Chile, Oct 2014.

Luis Advis First Prize 2014.

"Ljuwa", for chamber ochestra. Commissioned by Ensamble Iberoamericano.


“Mitte Me”, for orchestra and mixed choir with soloist.

“Peripeteia II”, for orchestra. 

Premiered at La Serena, Chile, Oct 2013.

Luis Advis 3th Prize. 2013.


“Nyamiranwe Nubutabeka” for orchestra.

Premiered in Milan, Italy, Mar 2009.


“Mortaja”, for orchestra.


“Areté”, for orchestra.

Chamber music


"Lidio", for two guitars.

Premiered in Barcelona, Spain, Apr 2020.

"Los ojos del Pueblo acusan al Estado terrorista",

for prepared piano and cello.

Premiered in Huddersfield, UK, Mar 2020.


"plano de levantamiento", for Ensemble. 

Premiered in Santiago, Chile, Nov 2018.

Ernst von Siemens Composition Commisions program, 2018.


"Sumisa", for Soprano and prepared Piano.

Premiered in Santiago, Chile, Jun 2019.


“Les Autres Promenades”, for Paetzold flute, guitar and soprano voice. Commissioned by Trio Croma.

Recorded in Santiago, Chile, Jan 2014.

“Kenajanyowa”, for percussions. Commissioned by Instituto Cervantes of Milan.

Premiered in Milan, Italy, Jun 2013.


“Sacaoi”, for flute. Commissioned by Spanish Academy in Rome.

Premiered in Rome, Italy, Jun 2012.

“Misa”, for b flat clarinet, piano and violin. 

Commissioned by  San Fedele Foundation of Milan.

Premiered in Milan, Italy, May 2012.

Niccolò Castiglioni First Prize, 2012.

“Peripeteia”, Revised version for 8 instruments.


“Peripeteia”, for alto flute in G, B flat clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, tenor trombone,

percussion, violin, viola, cello, double bass.

Premiered in Rome, Italy, Nov 2010.

“To lift ja Sax”, for saxohpone quartet.

Premiered in Darmstadt, Germany, Jul 2010.

“Tensor II”, for alto flute in G, B flat clarinet, prepared piano, viola and cello.

“Anathema”, for harp and string quartet.  Commissioned by Pauline Hass.

Recorded in Paris, France, Jun 2010.


“Maim ve daf”, for violin, viola, cello and double bass.   

Premiered in Rome, Italy, Nov 2009.


“Apnea”, for percussion and prepared piano.

Premiered in Rome, Italy, Nov 2008.

“Tensor”, for alto flute in G, B flat clarinet, piano, viola and cello.

Premiered in Milan, Italy, Jan 2008.


“Keaná”, for percusión, guitar, piano and voice.  Commissioned by Chilean Government.

Premiered in Santiago, Chile, Sept 2003.


“Aleira”, for violin.

Premiered in Santiago, Chile, Jun 2002.


“Isaías 61”, for choir (S1, S2, B1, B2).

Premiered in Santiago, Chile, Jun 2002.

“De a dos”, for flute and tenor trombone.

Premiered in Santiago, Chile, Aug 1999.

Applied music - Interdisciplinary collaborations


“In soffitta”, sequences for carillon. Artistic happening. with Laura Bissoti.

Premiered in Bologna, Italy, May 2012.


“Mi casa, su!” for tuba, 2 pianos, violin and cello. Music soundtrack for childrens show. 

Commissioned by Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia.

Premiered in Rome, Italy, Mar 2009

“Nubutabeka”, for voice and piano. Performance with dancer.

Premiered in Antofagasta, Chile, Feb 2012.

“Liftoaj a Sod, tribute to the victims of the Shoah” for clarinet quartet. Theatrical and dance performance.

Commissioned by Milan Conservatory and  Figli della Shoà Corporation.

Premiered in Milan, Italy, Jan 2009.


“Mentáfora”  for percussion, violin, cello and voice. Music soundtrack for a short film. 

Commissioned by Vhf Ingenieros.

Premiered in Santiago, Chile, Aug 2006.


“Desarmar”, for marimba, vocie and double bass.

Interdisciplinary project for an artistic installation with Antonio Silva Vildósola.

Premiered in Santiago, Chile, Oct 1999.