Music / Video

Manuel Contreras Vázquez



"plano de levantamiento" (2018), for flute, bass clarinet, piano, violin, viola and chelo.

"Ljuwa" (2014), for 2 female voices and ensemble of 9 instruments.

"Anathema" (2010), for 2 harp and string quartet.

"Warutiñtan" (2014), for chamber orchestra.

"Les Autres Promenades" (2013), for paetzold flute, guitar and voice.

"Sacaoi" (2012), for flute.

"Peripeteia II" (2013), for orchestra.

"Main ve daff" (2009), for violin, viol, chelo and double bass.

"Misa" (2012), for b flat clarinet, prepared piano and violin.

"Apnea" (2009), for percussions and prepared piano.

"Cantos de Itinerancia" (2016), for 3 female voices.

"Keaná" (2002), for percussions, guitar, piano and soprano.


"Aswalaq, Zoos Humanos"(2018),  Voice Theater. English subtitles.

"Aswalaq, Zoos Humanos"(2018), Voice Theater. Backstage.

"Moebius" (2016),  Chamber Opera 

Excerpt. Spanish subtitles.

"Moebius" (2016),  Chamber Opera about inmigration,  English subtitles.

"Moebius" (2016),  Brief Documentary-Videocration by Cristián Parker.

"Cantos de Itinerancia" (2016)

5 a Cappella fragments with a short documentary (in spanish).

"Moebius" (2016), Ópera de Cámara .

Subtítulos en Español.