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Manuel Contreras Vázquez



Synesthetic invasion


Paola Muñoz, Recorders

Laura Bisotti, Scenography/ Installation

Manuel Contreras, Composition


Tuesday 14 January 2020

4.30 Pm

University of Huddersfield

Richard Steinitz Building Atrium

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire HD1 3DH United Kingdom


Free entrance

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This project is a collaboration between recordist Paola Muñoz (Chile, UK), visual artist Laura Bisotti (Italy) and composer Manuel Contreras Vázquez (Chile, Italy). Is an exploration of the relationships between music and architectural space trough installation, involving subjects as ritualistic contents and endangered languages.

Performance and installation.


On the one hand, a Paetzold recorder is placed at the centre of the installation, remarking its almost totemic connotation. On the other hand, the Helder recorder will allow the performer’s movements through the building. 

Beyond the multidimensionality in which music, space and sculpture coexist here, the incipit of the project has to do with ritualistic elements of Mapuche people: an indigenous community in the south part of Chile and Argentina. The elements selected are the Kultrun (a ritual drum) and the Rewe or Chemamüll (a funerary Totem). Both objects are the basis of the abstraction process concretized through the installation conception and the configuration of the music composition as well. Additionally, the work uses some short texts in Mapudungún, the Mapuche’s language, in order to remark or “charge” with some like as a “character” in the different sections of the performance. 

The installation is made with several tapes/ rolls of paper treated with techniques of engraving, painting and cutting. The device will be fixed to the building using the balcony or columns (avoiding damages in walls and floor). 

In line with some signs presents in the Kultrun and the Rewe, installation suggests a link between the architecture as a solid or three-dimensional aspect, connecting it with the other dimension: the sound and the air. The strong verticality of the installation proposes a new “visual and acoustic pathway”, bringing the audience’s attention to the upper floors of the building, where the performance begins with Helder recorder. 

Short biographies

- Laura Bisotti is an Italian visual artist. She has been a resident artist at the Spanish Academy in Rome; The Slade School of Fine Arts in London, and at the BilbaoArte Foundation in Spain. She has participated in more than 30 exhibitions in Europe. In 2019 She joined the faculty of the Urbino Fine Arts Academy as a lecturer in Drawing.


- Paola Muñoz is a Chilean new music specialist. She has released three CD with the results of her research project on the Helder and Paetzold recorders: “Al aire interrogado”, with electronics; “Matters of fact”, with recorder, guitar and voice; and “Movimiento paralelo” (2019) with flute and recorders. Performer in DriftEnsemble specialize in presenting experimental contemporary music.