2019. “Kenajanáyowá”, in CD “f(r)” by F(r)actura Ensemble. Published by Sello Modular.

2018, “Escorzos”, monographic CD by Chilean Government.

2018, “Moebius”, monographic DVD by Chilean Government.

   2018, “Les Autres Promenades”, in CD “Matters of Fact”

   by Croma Trio.

2013. “Misa”, in CD “Progetto Castiglione” by San Fedele Foundation, Cariplo Foundation. Milan, Italy.

2005. “Mentáfora” (documentary soundtrack), DVD

by Emu Film Productions. Santiago, Chile.

CD and DVD Releases

2003. “Keaná”, in CD “Construir, Sonar, Pensar”

by Chilean Government.